There are many Cape Verdean traditions.

List of some:
Celebrated in all the islands, mainly in São Vicente and São Nicolau, in Luso-Brazilian style, where everyone participates. Generally the party starts between January-February or February-March; first all Sundays with the Mandinga, people dressed and painted black shouting in the street "oli mendinga teb panhób" [55], and with various parades of schools, teachers and children, and the most important event with the four official groups : Vindos de Oriente, Monte Sossêgo, abbreviated as Montsû, Flores do Mindelo and Cruzeiros do Norte, plus a nocturnal group like the Samba Tropical. Finally, on Ash Wednesday, several prizes are awarded as the best wagon, Carnival queen, best music, best group.
Caça-Bruxas (Witch Hunt)
On the seventh day after the birth of a child, all the family members gather at their parents' house, singing music to drive away the witches from the child's soul.
Festa de São Filipe
Celebrated in Fogo, it is the feast that commemorates the discovery of the flag of San Filippo, normally celebrated between April 25 and May 1, in the days of festivities horse races are held, corn on the cob is beaten to obtain the corn seeds to make the xérem and the cachupa, and processions and masses are also held in the Church of São Filipe.
Music with a single rhythm. It is played by clapping hands with sand-filled pads. She is accompanied by a dance where the hip especially moves.
New Year
Fim de ano in Portuguese or Fimdón in Creole, is celebrated mainly in São Vicente with fireworks and several parties. The children go out into the streets to sing San Silvestro and wish the people a happy new year.

5 July: Dia da Independência: Independence Day from Portugal, in 1975


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