Boa Vista is the closest island to the African continent, the most tropical and the third in order of size.
Rounded in shape, 31 km long from north to south and 229 km wide from east to west. The point is a resort with an altitude of 390m.
The environment is wild, of great naturalist interest. The surface of the island is covered in 20% by dunes and sand that give the environment a Saharan appearance. The island's exoticism is given by the vast and extensive white sand beaches that border almost all the coasts, facing a cobalt blue. sea.
More than 50% of the beaches of the entire Cape Verde archipelago belong to Boa Vista, with a total development of 55km, making this island a true paradise for sea lovers.




BOAVISTA was certainly discovered after Santiago, Fogo, Maio and presumably Portugal officially took possession of it on May 3, 1480, the day of São Cristóvão, the name with which it was first baptized. BOAVISTA means "beautiful view", an exclamation made by a sailor
sighting of this island, and hence it took its name.

In the historical chapter of BOAVISTA, the authorship of the discovery of this island is attributed to Antonio da Noli, who had the task of exploring it, together with Captain Diogo Gomes, in the 1960 expedition.

Many years passed before the island was colonized, in 1947 the king of Portugal granted permission to breed, to Captain Rodrigo Alfonso and other feudal lords of Santigo, cattle on the island.

Ships were then assembled to transport animals, about twenty slaves, and some shepherds and some women, and colonization and exploitation of the salt deposits on the island began.

In 1620 the first urban agglomeration of Povoaçào Velha was founded, close to some fresh water wells and sheltered from pirate attacks.

Some British had undertaken the activity of extracting and exporting salt at an industrial level, so much so that the port of BoaVista was renamed Porto Inglès, later, in 1820, it was renamed SAL REI and became the administrative center of Rabil .




Boa Vista is a true paradise for sports lovers. Nature is an untouched desert, and it offers many opportunities.



The conditions are ideal for the practice of this sport thanks to the constant wind from Alisei, the kilometers of virgin beaches guarantee a beautiful cobalt blue and emerald green sea for fun.


The sea and constant winds give the opportunity to make beautiful excursions along the coast and high seas and, for inexperienced practitioners, it offers the opportunity of an exciting school.

DIVING While the island's surface is flattened by wind and weather erosion, the underwater base reveals the volcanic nature. The seabed reproduces the ancient scenery of volcanic rocky mountains with rocks and corals, various species of fish and polyp gods. Just a few meters from the coast you can admire sea turtles and various fish.
The numerous shipwrecks scattered along the coast contribute to the beauty of Boa Vista.

DEEP SEA FISHING the waters are abundant with fish and shoals of sharks, yellow fin tuna,
marlins and dolphins crisscross the coast, and between March and April it's easier to spot gray whales.

MOUNTAIN BIKE There are miles of unusual trails that allow you to explore every corner of the island. You will often find yourself walking in the middle of the desert, immersed in silence.




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